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Abu Dhabi trip expenses!

Hey everyone! So, this is a brief breakdown of the expenses incurred on the Abu Dhabi trip (per person) Since, this was the most asked question, hope this helps !

  1. Hotel - I stayed at the Hotel Andaz capital gate, the prices keep fluctuating, so you can checkout the latest prices here - https://www.hyatt.com/en-US/hotel/united-arab-emirates/andaz-capital-gate-abu-dhabi/abdcc Other than this 5 star hotels, start from 8k/ night onwards

  2. Flights - Again flights are fluctuating a lot these days! Make sure you have enough time to find a good deal in advance. On average, it should be 40-50k for a round trip

  3. Travel Insurance - Ranges from Rs.500-Rs.2500

  4. Covid test - One RTPCR before going (Rs. 500 for me), Rapid test at Delhi airport (Rs.2400 approx). Every 3 days in Abu Dhabi (Rs. 1000)

  5. Meals - Average meal cost came out to be Rs. 1500 for me

  6. Getting around - Average daily taxi fare came out to be between Rs.3000-Rs.5000/ day

  7. Activities - You can find my detailed itinerary here : https://www.latikasehgal.com/post/abu-dhabi-itinerary . These are the total paid activities

  • Kayaking at Jubail Mangrove Park - Cost : 90-110 AED (Rs.2000 avg)

  • Qasr al Hosn - Cost : 30 AED (Rs. 600 approx)

  • Qasr Al Watan - Cost : 60 AED (Rs. 1200 approx)

  • Half Day Safari - Cost : 290 AED (Rs. 5800 approx)

  • Louvre Abu Dhabi - Cost : General Admission - 60AED (Rs.1200 approx)

  • Umm Al Emarat Park - Cost : 10 AED (Rs.200 approx)

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Hope this helps!

See you soon!


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