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An Evening in Singapore!

Updated: Oct 17, 2018

An in-depth review of Holiday Inn Express, Singapore situated in the neighborhood of Katong.

So, today's blog post is one which I never thought I'll be so excited to write about. What I thought was just a quick one night stay, turned out to be a great new experience and something which may help alot of people! So, this is my review of the Holiday Inn Express, Katong, Singapore and my first ever experience at an express hotel.

The Neighbourhood - Katong

I instantly fell in love with how, despite the high rise buildings popping up all over, the atmosphere reflected greatly of the Eurasian and Peranakan community's tradition and culture. Also known as Tanjong Katong, its overall vibe is very chilled out and relaxed (something which I'm always up for). The best part was how peaceful yet fun the atmosphere was. You can spend a few good hours lost in its old-world charm and admiring its modern style. It was a short distance of 13 Km away from the airport and 9 Km away from the bustling orchard road which makes it perfect for any traveler.

Holiday Inn Express, Katong

Now, coming to the hotel itself, this one is an express hotel by InterContinental Hotels group. The entire concept is built around keeping in mind the both the Business and Leisure traveller who is looking for quick services and amenities like that of Wi-Fi, a fitness center, a laundry room and a sumptuous breakfast.

Design and Rooms

Annexed to Katong Square, with the reception, a small cafe and bar being located on the 7th floor and all the rooms 8th floor onwards. The structure and design is kept simple yet modern with ample open and green spaces and importance given to all basic requirements.

In 3 words, the rooms are comfortable, contemporary styled and very well thought out so as to be equipped with all basic amenities you'll need and offer multifaceted views of the city .


For breakfast, they had tried and catered to atleast one dish from most Asian countries. My favourite was the Idli Sambhar, Hot chocolate and waffles. Overall it was delicious, refreshing and well prepared.

Other than that you had an all-day dining bar and cafe which and a couple of other vending machines for fresh juice and ice-creams completed my culinary experience there.


Coming lastly to the price, for the month of June , it costed us Rs. 5800 per night and keeping in mind the overall prices in Singapore, for me, it was WORTH IT and I WOULD RECOMMEND IT.

So, in all, go ahead and explore the Hipster Bars in Katong, have a traditional brunch or the famous Laksa ( 328) and finally, a good night's sleep at Holiday Inn Express!

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