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DIY Black Cabinets

Hey Guys! 

Okay, so why do we, especially in India shy away from painting ourselves? Throughout the entire building of my house, I was sure I just wanted to grab that brush and maybe just paint a little nook. So I fulfilled that with my Batthroom Cabinets!!  Got the basic structure made by the local carpenter and decided to pull this off. Now, firstly it took me a while to research on which paint to get as there were very few Indian blog links.  I finalized on the Berger primer and Apocalite paint. And got a Brush, Roller and a thinner for the primer - tarpen oil

Things to know 1.  An obvious but important step - talk about the paint being waterproof and it's finish with the hardware shop person 2.  Oil based paint takes longer to dry but I preferred the finish and because of the bathroom's location  3. Dont freak out! This one is like makeup, do the initial steps right, it may not look perfect then but will all come together towards the end.  Steps 1. So, I started off with 2 coats of primer and the paranoid me,  gave a gap of a night between them. The primer is highly important in terms of consistency as your paint will sit on it. So make sure the last stroke is as smooth as possible.  I mixed around 50 ml of thinner to the primer 

2. For the paint, it was pretty much the same drill. I had realised to not get too engrossed instead just relax and things will fall into place. Gave a gap of 8-8 hours between 3 coats and for the last coat, I first smoothed the surface with a roller and then finished it off with the paint and let it dry overnight.

What I learnt - Apply the paint in smaller quantities and make sure the small portion you do doesn't get drips due to extra paint. This will take more dippings of the brush but the finish will be much better. Pro tip - I can't emphasise enough on the importance of securing any hardware, walls and most importantly yourself!! You will be able to clean up most of the place (coconut oil + water was my trick) but it's not worth the time and its annoying! I would have rather spent 15 more mins securing the place rather than hours scrubbing the tiles and myself. 

So, hope you guys enjoyed reading and I shall see you guys very soon with another Blog Post!


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