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DIY Marble Countertop

Hey Guys! 

Welcome to a blog post that makes me very happy as it is part of the first Home Decor transformations in my house. And yes, I recently moved to this house and I have to say it's one of the first houses where I can freely decorate and set it up. That's one of the disadvantages of constantly moving in the army life. 

So, coming to this DIY, the first thing I always knew I wanted was have a marble touch in my room as it perfectly went with my Modern Luxury vibe. However, marble comes with it's own expenses and there was no point in getting the stone especially when I wanted it's little touch in several places.

So, I came across the most genius solution ever - Contact Paper/wallpaper

Steps -  1. Clean the surface area thoroughly  2. Cut the required shape size and cut a little more than usual  3. I found best that you should peel off an entire section and paste it. If you are happy,  go ahead and put down the second piece

Tips - 1. Use a towel/ credit card to remove the bubbles 2. It's okay to remove the contact paper 2-3 immediately after putting it , in case you aren't happy with the placement.  So don't get stressed out 3. Do not overlap the paper at all !! It'll look best if the adjacent pieces just lightly touch each other

Cons -  1. Its very tough to manoeuvre around circular/irregular edges - try to avoid them ! 2. Even though it says waterproof, atleast I tend to be careful around any wallpaper installed 

So this is how the final look turned out, even though imperfections maybe visible up close in person, I can't deny just how gorgeous it makes everything around you look.  So let me know in case you try it out too and I shall see you guys very soon with another Blog Post!


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