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Genting Dream Cruise 2018!

Updated: Dec 3, 2018

Winds gently blowing through your hair as the cruise sets sail, nothing but the clearest of water for miles and miles away witnessing some of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen, its safe to say that I have officially fallen in love with cruising! And for anyone other than an aquaphobic person, I would highly highly recommend a cruise for their next getaway.

Itinerary & Embarkation Day

For our first cruise, after alot of research on the Dream Cruise website ensuring that I didn't miss a single detail, we decided to opt for the Genting Dream Cruise for 5-nights following Singapore-Malaysia-Cambodia-Thailand-Singapore. Boarding was scheduled at 3 pm from Marina Bay Cruise Center and boy! was I so pumped. I wasn't too sure about the quality or kind of activities lying ahead of us but I knew one thing that for the next 5 days I am simply going to be in the moment and let this be the ultimate stress buster whether it was chilling on the Jacuzzi on the 16th floor pool deck or by simply hanging out in the balcony as the night breeze blows.

We Bid Adieu to Singapore at 6 pm sharp and the entire embarkation process was as seamless as possible. We were given a mini tour, guided to our rooms and given a brochure everyday for the next 5 days with all details necessary.

Pulau Redang, Malaysia

On Day 2 or our first full day aboard, at around 11 am, we were welcomed by the crystal clear waters of a tiny little island called as Pulau Redang and I couldn't be more glad that this was our first stop. The island mainly just constituted of a small resort and the beach area where it hosted a plethora of water activities such as free diving, scuba diving, deep sea diving etc. You had the option of purchasing these on-board in advance or at the island itself where a little bit of time delays and inconvenience will cut down on your cost.

I personally opted to grab myself a drink, and with the first opportunity I got in the water and no kidding I got out after 2 hours.

For food options at the island, there were numerous little vendors serving some delicious Asian street food. And after a much needed sun bath, we decided to head back to the cruise to experience the activities on-board for the rest of the evening.

(Ps. For all offshore excursions, the cruise has a fixed de-boarding and boarding time within which you can experience and visit the shore anytime )

Sihanoukville, Cambodia

Wat Leu, Independence beach, Golden Lion Traffic Circle and the main Market were our stops for Day 3. Now, Sihanoukville is a small little coastal Province covering merely 80 km² mainly known for its history, beaches, and calm and serene environment. And on average one spent 1.5-2 hours touring around which is why instead of opting for the guided tour by the cruise (200 SGD for 4), we opted for the tour by a local tuk-tuk guide (50 SGD for 4) who greeted us as soon as we deboarded.

Pattaya, Thailand

Now for Thailand, we opted for the excursions by the cruise - the reason being that the port covered a huge area around. We could choose from numerous activities and cities (Bangkok, Pattaya etc.) on Day 4. So, on our own, we would have had to cater for taxis, entry tickets and figure out the entire route by ourselves in a fixed time which didn't seem like the right decision.

We covered the Pattaya floating market which is definitely on anyone's Thailand bucket list and hosted over 100 shops, the Chinese Pavillion (Viharn Sien), Pattaya Gems Gallery a shopping mall and lastly, the magnificent Sanctuary of Truth.

In all, I'm glad that we chose the excursion which covered our interests and the organisation was immaculate.

Cruise - Room + Food

With several room types to choose from, we opted for the inner state balcony room and I think it was the perfect decision on a budget (otherwise, I would suggest The Palace). They were comfortable, well-equipped with all necessary facilities and offered probably my most favorite part - the balcony area!

Coming to the food, I must say I was pleasantly surprised. Lido was our choice was most meals as it served a buffet of Asian, American and Indian Food including Veg and even Jain food options. But most importantly, the taste and quality was a 100% up to the mark.

Cruise - Entertainment

Whether you love the water and wish to relax by the pool and hot tub, or if you are an adrenaline junkie, the dream cruise successfully catered to that too through their rock climbing, over-the-sea zip lining, water-slides and chess and mini golf arena.

Other entertainment options included the Zouk beach club which hosted a stunning open air theater and live shows at Zodiac Theater- my favorite definitely being the Latin Dance performance where the choreography was faultless and the expressions of the performers breathtaking.

Safety, Service and Quality

Overall, there was not a single factor overlooked by their staff of around 1300 for the 4000 guests on-board. Safety of senior citizens throughout was given utmost care and they tried to make sure the entire experience was kid friendly through their little panda's club and kid's pool.


I guess by now you have figured that I haven't been able to point out a single negative whether in terms of the infrastructure, experience or service by the staff around. I was fully engrossed in my favorite kind of environment and Dream Cruises catered to the entire process faultlessly.

It was most certainly a trip to remember and trust me when I say this, I am already ready and eagerly waiting to hop on another cruise for my next vacation.


I have tried to list all the costings involved down to the T (per person) -

1. Flights - Rs. 30000 approx (round trip)

2. Basic Tariff (Depends on room and itinerary) - Rs. 45,000 for us

3. Gratuity (Depends on number of nights etc.) - Rs. 5000 for us

4. Compulsory Visa fees for all visiting countries - Rs. 15,000 approx

5. All offshore excursions and meals (Depends on visiting city)

6. Wi-fi - Rs.5000 for 2 devices at a time for 5 nights

Costs included -

1. Meals (3+2) at 4 restaurants

2. All activities (mini golf, water slides, zip-lining, Beach Club, rock climbing, Gymnasium etc.) on-board apart from gaming arcade and bowling

3. 3/4 entertainment shows at the theater

Costs excluded -

1. Any additional meals/drinks apart from buffet at other restaurants

2. Gaming arcade and Bowling, Spa

3. One entertainment show

4. Few select parties at the beach club

5. Any personal shopping/ casino expense

Daily vlogs from the trip -


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