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St. Regis Singapore

Updated: Oct 19, 2018

A honest experience of my 3-night stay at one of Singapore's most premium properties - The St. Regis Singapore.

So, after extensive research and going back and forth in between Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Ritz-Carlton and St. Regis, I made my choice for our 3 days here in Singapore. It was primarily based on finding that perfect balance between the Quality or the Experience and the room rent.

Hotel Design and Ambience -

Luxury at its finest, all my expectations were nothing short of that. St. Regis has always captivated me with its grandeur and their vision of everything Regal and Classic. Since the moment I stepped in the hotel lobby, I wasn't disappointed. Everything from the White and Luxe Gold color palette, the excellent selection of textures to more intricate details like the Marble Textured walls and the Gold Detailing in the lift married together to leave a cohesive memorable impression. It was pleasing to the eyes and it makes it highly irresistible to not come back here!

Rooms and Amenities

Now, I was already captivated by the hotel interiors and wasn't yet done admiring them when it was time to check out our stay for 3 days and my jaw dropped the moment I stepped in. It was impeccable, every tiny detail was kept in mind . The bed comfy with red and gold upholstery satisfying all my aesthetic needs. But, clearly the part that flaunted the St. Regis Hospitality was the butler service and the fully equipped control system for the curtains and mood lighting.


So far, I was soaking in and having the perfect relaxed vacation and it was time to kickstart the next day with my most favourite meal. For the buffet breakfast, we opted for Brassiere Les Saveurs, a French dining restaurant. The buffet was at par with the expectations - lavish with a spread of nuts, fresh fruits, bakery and Savoury items and vegan options along with a well thought out menu of eggs,  sides and sweet options. But most importantly, the quality and presentation of all dishes whether served or layed out was faultless. But, I have to point out probably the only disappointment I came across. The waiting time not only for the table but the service time was something that couldn't be ignored especially with rest of the service and hospitality being faultless

Price and Overview

For booking one month in advance, the room rent was 22,000 for the Grand deluxe room. While there were service issues, considering my overall experience and impression, it's safe to say that St. Regis will be one of my top choices while planning our next getaway. 


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