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The Perfect 1 - Day Singapore Itinerary

Updated: Oct 17, 2018

So, here I was. First Day in Singapore and honestly I knew, the only real free day to explore! As Universal Studios and the rest of Sentosa Island was "pre-booked" way in advance for the rest of the days.

I wanted to just roam around on these beautiful streets I had seen on the way from the airport. Everyone praised how clean and green the city is, but then, what's the point if you end up at the usual "hotspots" ?

Haji Lane

So, I lay my eyes on Haji Lane. A neighborhood which caught my attention since the start of my research. Was it the Instagram-able Murals or the hip tone of the place? I was set to find out. I started off by grabbing the first seat on the Double-Decker bus to reach these carefully tucked away streets.

To my surprise, the atmosphere was quite, the setting was laid back - it almost felt like it had an inner peace to it. I got so lost in the charm of this place - It was liberating to just walk down through the colorful shops, observe the hues of the sky change and to add to all of that, the voice of azaan from the Mosque just made the atmosphere even more serene.

To contradict the calmness, you had little hustling restaurants mainly serving middle-eastern cuisines and boy! did the biryani being cooked right by the tiny window make my mouth water.

But lastly, time flew by here! I never really completed the two things I had on my agenda for here - a visit to the vintage boutiques and grabbing that Insta in front of the mural. Rather, I simply ended up grabbing a coffee from the nearby 24X7 and getting lost in these streets.

The Walk

So, even after all of this, I still wasn't over my whole walking expedition. I decided to head over to the Bugis Market or well known as Bugis street. Barely a Km away, I would highly recommend just taking a little stroll to reach here. By this time, the sun had set and shades of grey started overpowering the blues. Below is a picture of a flower my mom randomly asked me to click and today, while going through all my pictures, it made me smile for some reason. It reminded me how it stood like a breathe of fresh air amongst the bustling roads and rising towers that we were now crossing.

And oh! Did I mention about these stunning vintage street lamps we crossed and how i was just captivated by them? Because I don't remember the last time I cared about what lit the streets and what didn't.

Bugis Street

Souvenirs, watches, apparel, electronics, cosmetics as low as 1$, scattered around 800 shops, under one roof- This is what I was welcomed with as soon as I touched Bugis Street!! It was a budget shopper's paradise. I would recommend this to bargain hunters because if you looked really hard, it wasn't very difficult to score a good deal. That being said, I was in doubts over the quality. Nothing unique really attracted me enough for which I was ready to overlook the quality.

However coming to the second part of the market - The food! Whether it was the hawkers serving the most amazing looking crispy pancakes or the little Thai eateries serving Thai Hor Fun, the entire aroma was just spread throughout the market - making it irresistible to dig in the local cuisine! We settled on QQ noodle house ( http://qqnoodlehouse.com.sg/ ) which looked like the perfect place and it also had a few veg options.

Clarke Quay

With my little tummy now happy, I set the bar to end this day on an even better high.

I set the maps for Clarke Quay and hopped around my way there. An area hosting a selection of happening bars and restaurants right by the river known for its nightlife and convivial vibes? - the choice was pretty easy to make.

And damn! It was worth the hype. I'll first give you a moment to soak in the below picture

Yes! The moon was lit with its beams reflecting off the iconic glass panes of the Marina Bay Sands, the multi-colored twinkling city lights lay on the soothing flow of the Singapore river to cause a little rainbow dance as you simply glanced over it - I fell in love with all of it to say the least! One Last Thing that this picture doesn't really cover is the cheers and laughs that could be heard all around and the voices of People singing in all merry spirits which echoed all around us, it truly made the day special, to say the least!

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